If you are looking for the ground and site investigation experts, you have come to just the right place! Our team of engineers, geologists and environmental scientists can undertake all aspects of ground investigation. 

Risks are assessed by comparing the findings of the Phase 1 and 2 investigations either with established benchmarks or site-specific values derived by quantitative risk assessment.

The assessment of contaminated sites is generally a phased process.

Phase 1

A desktop and walkover (visual) study of the site is undertaken by a contaminated land consultant using existing information. The purpose of this is to establish whether previous uses of the site may have caused ground contamination, to review the site’s geology, hydrogeology and hydrology and to identify underground services (if an utility search is included in the study). The scope of the investigation is variable according to the situation being assessed and the proposed eventual use of the site in terms of risk to users and the environment.

Phase 2

This is an intrusive investigation undertaken in response to concerns arising from the Phase 1 site investigation. Soil and groundwater testing samples are collected under the supervision of an experienced environmental professional. Depending upon the geology, the anticipated contaminants and ease of access, Ecologia is able to employ a variety of methodologies including:

  • Trial pitting
  • Manual window sampling
  • Percussive sampling
  • A variety of rotary drilling techniques including sonic drilling

Borehole locations can be positioned onto digital maps using traditional survey techniques or GIS technology.

Following analysis at an accredited UKAS/MCERTS laboratory, data is provided according to the requirements of the client. Ecologia can provide a full interpretive soil and land contamination report including 2D or 3D contamination mapping, or borehole logs in electronic data format.

The report will contain a conceptual site model and (depending on the findings) a qualitative/quantitative contaminated land risk assessment which follows the Source-Pathway-Receptor model, which identifies the linkage between the contaminant and who or what it may affect.

The risk assessment will identify the level of contamination considered safe for the proposed use of the site.

Ecologia has qualified in-house risk assessment expertise (and is a member of the Society of Brownfield Risk Assessors) and is able to undertake complex numerical modelling of contamination scenarios to determine the potential for contamination risks and to derive bespoke site-specific remediation criteria.

Our in-house geotechnical capability means we can follow-up site data with interpretation and recommendations related to both contamination and structural ground conditions.

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