If you are looking for experts to assess contaminated  land liabilities, you have come to just the right place! Our team of engineers, geologists and environmental scientists can undertake all aspects of this complex process.

Accurate geo-environmental site investigation forms the basis to understanding the potential liabilities associated with any site. This is true for both developers of brownfield sites and those dealing with unexpected environmental incidents. Site investigation and land survey risk assessment has a fundamental role in these areas and can form the basis of remedial strategies. Ground contamination investigation assessment and the identification of associated risk is a complex matter requiring input from qualified experts in a range of different disciplines.

We have extensive expertise in contaminated land, site preliminary desk top studies and geotechnical investigation appraisals including preliminary desk studies, intrusive, in-situ testing, soil sampling, soil analysis, laboratory soil testing services and site investigation reporting.

Our in-house expertise in contaminated land and geotechnical services is underpinned by experienced consultants / engineers able to offer a ‘right first-time approach’. Appropriate information gathered from the outset avoiding expensive secondary investigations.

We are one of the few site, soil and ground investigation companies who can assist in areas such as remediation cost planning at the design concept stage whether your project is for a major master-plan infrastructure project or a small housing development.

What we do: What this means to you:
Phase 1 and Phase 2 contaminated land site investigations using current UK guidelines All aspects of your investigation carried out by qualified experts, working to the latest standards
Risk assessment Use of our full in-house service greatly simplifies the process
Groundwater investigation and monitoring Greater ability to control timescales and costs
Gas sampling Assurance that health and safety requirements will be rigorously applied
Geotechnical investigation surveys Prompt and accurate soil investigation assessment reports enable you to make informed decisions at an early stage, avoiding misinformation and mistakes.
Remediation cost appraisals Ability to assess potential  remediation  costs associated with site re-development or  disposal.

Depending on the Client’s requirements we can produce a factual site and ground investigation report or an interpretative report including geotechnical and remediation appraisal.

As a skilled Contractor/Consultant we have the technical background to undertake robust Remediation Options Appraisals and Verification Plans detailing performance metrics. Additionally, Ecologia can produce Remediation Options Appraisals in accordance with the SuRF-UK (Sustainable Remediation Forum) framework.

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