Ecologia have successfully completed the final stages of a remediation design project at an active chemical production facility in Eastern Europe. Ecologia were called in by the client to review an existing pump & treat design and found that the proposed works would not deliver the required objectives in the foreseeable future. Following a detailed re-assessment of the contamination profile and distribution with high resolution techniques including fluorescence probing, using Ecologia’s in-house drilling equipment, we have been able to provide the client with a robust remediation strategy that is based upon a sound assessment of the site and will deliver the objectives within the next three years. Proposed works would include surfactant flushing, ozone sparging and injection of Zero Valent Iron in different parts of the site to tackle varying levels of risk and contaminant suites. Ecologia plant o undertake the works using in house manufactured plant and equipment without the need for sub contract proving a greater degree of contract surety for the client.