Ecologia’s remediation team have been assisting the client for over 15 years and liaising with the various regulators in order to mitigate long term environmental liabilities originating from years of manufacturing operations at a site in south-east England. The work included carrying out several intrusive site investigations to delineate the extent of the pollution problems and undertaking human health and controlled water risk assessments in order to assess risks posed by the contamination.

Initially this has lead to the implementation of in-situ remediation processes consisting of hydraulic containment and above ground treatment of contaminated groundwater using a Pump & Treat system over a period of 15years, followed by Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE) of volatile organic compounds from the unsaturated soils for about one year. As the manufacturing processes at the site were phased out these in-situ remediation processes were combined with selective excavations in order to remove shallow gross contamination.

The current remediation works are focussed on the removal of the soakaways and drainage facilities which have been identified as an ongoing source of contamination as well as preferential pathways for the contaminants to migrate and impact the underlying principal aquifer. The implementation of this remediation should pave the way for the surrender of the existing environmental permit no longer required as production on site has ceased.

 Over the years Ecologia assembled a team which combined the necessary consultancy and remediation skills, to provide cost efficient and pragmatic solutions, positively engage with the regulator and navigate through the challenges associated with the surrender of the permit. This is one achievement we are very proud of and is greatly appreciated by an increasing number of our clients.

If your company is having to deal with environmental liabilities as result of historical or on-going manufacturing operations give us a call to discuss those issues today as we can provide the help you are looking for.

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