This system is designed to physically remove volatile hydrocarbons, such as petrol and solvents, by inducing a localised vacuum.

  • Vertical wells or horizontal lines are drilled
  • A vacuum is induced in the wells or lines
  • Extracted air and vapour is treated at the surface through the use of activated carbon biological filters or catalytic oxidation.

The advantage of this method is that contaminants can be extracted without the need for excavation or the injection of compounds required for in-situ chemical oxidation or bioremediation.

Ecologia also uses SVE systems to implement Bioventing, where the aim is to provide oxygen to bacteria, enabling them to work within the contaminated soil, rather than physically extracting volatile compounds.

SVE -How does it work? All explained in a short video.

For more detail about this technology please see the video on our YouTube page.

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