As a member of the UK Spill Contractors Accreditation Scheme, Ecologia were contacted on the 16th December 2011 in order to contain a diesel spill at a haulage depot at Mallusk, Co. Antrim.  During delivery operations, a large goods vehicle fuel tank was ruptured causing the uncontrolled loss of approximately 300 Litres of Diesel fuel onto concrete hard-standing.

A rapid response and site attendance was fielded by Ecologia staff within 24 minutes of receiving the initial call.  Liaison was maintained with the client, site representatives and NIEA with protective measures put in place to mitigate the risk to the storm drain network.  As a large area of concrete pad was impacted, loose absorbents were applied over the surface area to retain free phase product prior to degreasing the entire concrete and tarmac hardstanding areas.

Through the combined use of absorbents and a vacuum tanker, all remedial works were completed with minimal disruption to the busy distribution depot and operations were able to continue during the emergency response works.

Ecologia Environmental Solutions are a UK Spill accredited contractor and specialist environmental consultancy who can manage and respond to a variety of environmental incidents especially at short notice. Truly an example of “Experts on the Ground.”