Ecologia is proud to announce that it has won the Brownfield Briefing annual innovation awards for the second year in a row. Ecologia were awarded the prize for the best combination of remediation techniques for its work at a site in North London. The project tackled contamination in the soils and groundwater at the site by using various techniques including soil vapour extraction enhanced with in-situ radio frequency soil heating (ISFRH) coupled with ex-situ bioremediation, used to treat smaller volumes found in hotspots around the site. The groundwater was treated by sparging ozone into the saturated zone to provide a chemical oxidative effect and oxygenation of the aquifer to stimulate in-situ bioremediation.

Ecologia provided its client with a full design and operation service using its full range of in house capabilities; including manufacture of the treatment equipment, drilling works and licensed operation of the remediation project. The project treated in excess of 10,000 cubic metres of soil without the requirement for any off site disposal.

The project was completed within the agreed programme and within the agreed budget to allow the site to be handed over following completion without delay. The site is now being redeveloped for housing.