David Holmes, Ecologia’s Technical Manager will be giving a talk and presenting a poster on our innovative Light Non Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) probe next week at Queen’s University Belfast. The presentation ‘Advances in in-situ Automatous LNAPL and Water Level Monitoring by Guided Wire Radar: detailed analysis of LNAPL behaviour and improved site understanding’ will cover LNAPL distribution, behaviour and the importance of properly characterising the LNAPL. Baildown tests and their benefits will be discussed, together with the problems of monitoring LNAPL. David will demonstrate that it is now possible to track any kind of LNAPL for a virtually unlimited period of time and show how our LNAPL probe provides a much-needed improvement over existing methods in terms of both data quality and health and safety. If you plan to attend the conference or if you have a site impacted with LNAPL, David will be happy to discuss it with you. To find out more about the conference please CLICK HERE.