Ecologia is presenting ‘A New Innovative Approach to Measurement, Modelling and Prediction’ for LNAPL recovery at Remediation Day on the 6th of February in Eindhoven. We’ll be talking about a successful in-situ remediation project following the monitoring, modelling and recovery of a hydraulic oil plume underneath an active factory. Robust site investigation data collected using our radar LNAPL probe were used to model the behaviour of the plume and estimate volume of LNAPL recovered over time. The model output allowed Ecologia to design a small efficient mobile multiphase extraction system using telemetry to control operations and monitor free-phase recovery rates. The system was connected to angled extraction wells drilled externally to minimise factory floor operations. After an initial recovery of 695 litres of LNAPL, a surfactant flush was used to remove the remaining mobile LNAPL with the project completed in a matter of months rather than years. At the end of the project 870 litres of LNAPL were recovered corresponding to original estimates with any residual oil mobility proven to be virtually immobile.

This novel approach was science-based with clear evidence-backed decision making, applying the sustainable remediation key principles both at the design and implementation phase. Come and see how we did it.” For more details  CLICK HERE.