Ecologia have been providing technical assistance and remediation works following a loss of Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) to ground for a company that also has a trade effluent discharge containing HFO residue and condensate that has previously been disposed of as hazardous waste to a disposal site outside of Northern Ireland via tanker. Following a review of site operations, Ecologia undertook a site investigation that highlighted the limited impact of the HFO. The oils that had been released to the ground has only impacted the drainage system and had not migrated further out into surrounding soils, greatly reducing the anticipated amount of remediation works.

To deal with the on-going effluent discharge problem Ecologia installed an oil water separator treatment unit and granulated activated carbon water treatment unit that has reduced the amount of hazardous liquid waste disposal costs associated with the traditional method for disposal of operation by 85{975aa8a6e151b0a84c58300ccebfa862b792a40cdd92db16c1cbe520cc7c15ac}, within the first two months. The hire of vacuum tankers was reduced from 4-5 call outs per month to less than once every three months.

The project demonstrates how Ecologia employ straight forward solutions to environmental problems that involve rapid but careful consideration of problems borne out of our experience of dealing with sudden pollution incidents.