Ecologia has recently delivered three multiphase treatment units to a corporate client in northern Italy. The units have been manufactured at our headquarters in Kent to meet stringent design specifications (including ATEX compliance) as required in the initial tender specifications. During construction of the equipment Ecologia has been actively liaising with the client’s consultant in order to provide technical improvements to the design without incurring in additional costs. Each unit is controlled by a sophisticated ATEX compliant telemetry system developed and tested in house that will allow the equipment to be fully monitored remotely without the need for staff to visit a hazardous part of the site. The timescales of the build programme were extremely short because the three systems had to be built and delivered in less than 100 days from instruction. The units will be installed at petrochemical facility with the assistance of our colleagues at the Italian office. The multiphase system will be in operation for a period of approximately three years to remove volatile hydrocarbon contamination in shallow soils and groundwater at the site. This is another international project where Ecologia’s extensive in house engineering capability and experience in multiphase remediation systems has resulted in the delivery of a high quality product.