Ecologia has recently commenced soil remediation works at a brownfield site in Ashford Kent. The site was previously occupied by a power station and gasworks and is impacted by elevated concentrations of organic contaminants (Hydrocarbons, PAHs) and asbestos in soils. The works are needed to build a car park area on behalf of the local council. The adopted remediation strategy consists of selective excavation of contamination hotspots and complex sorting followed by placement of a final capping layer. Unsuitable waste materials grossly contaminated with asbestos will be disposed off-site. The soil remediation works are carried out under a standard rule permit in conjunction with a Material Management Plan (MMP) in accordance with the CL:AIRE DoWCoP. This approach, when compared to a standard bulk excavation and disposal is enabling soil reuse (that meet suitable for use criteria) reducing waste and therefore providing significant cost savings to the client.

The project is scheduled to be completed over 5 weeks. Ecologia has built a successful track record in delivering complex soil remediation projects and we have the necessary expertise to assist and miminise remediation costs for clients with contaminated land liabilities. If you want to know more about recent changes in the legislation and the impact that this may have in your estimated development costs please READ THIS BLOG.