Ecologia has been awarded a further contract for in-situ remediation at a chemical industrial facility in Italy. This is the third stage of a long-term remediation project treating soil and groundwater both on and off site over a number of years. The previous two stages were focussed at treating off site and boundary contamination, successfully bringing the plume area back within the site boundary. This final stage is targeting the source of the contamination within the production area.

Dual Phase Extraction will be undertaken from over 40 wells placed at different depth in order to treat the saturated and unsaturated soil strata. The local geological profile is made up of sand and gravels and Dual Phase Extraction has been the ideal treatment process.

High concentrations of VOC ‘s are expected in the extracted soil gases. Therefore a Thermal Oxidiser will be used in the initial stages of the treatment. The work awarded to Ecologia Italy includes supervision, drilling works and the installation, commissioning and system operations (including performance optimisation).