Ecologia is pleased to announce that we have been appointed to provide assistance to a national demolition contractor for a large remediation project at a 15 Ha site in Ipswich. The remit of Ecologia is to provide assistance in relation to project management, liaison with the regulator, validation sampling/reporting and the supply of the necessary equipment to carry out ex-situ bioremediation of approximately 5000 m3 of hydrocarbon contaminated soils. This work is expected to take place concurrently with the demolition of a large number of existing strictures. Ecologia worked closely with the main contractor at the early stages of the tendering bid. This ensured that all the critical aspects of the remediation strategy were adequately addressed thus resulting in the submission of a successful bid. Works on site commenced in March and are expected to be completed by November 2012. The site is being redeveloped for commercial/industrial use.