Ecologia has been recently awarded a new LNAPL remediation project at a manufacturing facility in the Midlands. The project will require the installation of a Multiphase Extraction (MPE) system at an operational facility. In order to minimise any disturbance, the recovery wells will be drilled at an angle outside the perimeter of the operational building. The remediation system will also be installed in a way to minimise disruption to the ongoing production activities. As part of the overall project, Ecologia initially carried out a baildown assessment to assess the mobility and recoverability of the LNAPL. The baildown test was carried out using our novel ‘Brownfield Briefing award winner’ automatous LNAPL radar probe which allowed the collection of high quality data during the test. The results have indicated that the LNAPL is readily recoverable and the installation of the remediation system is now ongoing. The combined use of the LNAPL baildown test in combination with our automatous radar probe is the result of the application of this innovative approach to a number of previous sites. If you are interested to know more about this novel approach please READ THIS ARTICLE.