Ecologia (Ireland) personnel were mobilised to a major environmental incident involving the uncontrolled release of approximately 1700 litres of waste engine oil onto porous ground and into an adjacent watercourse. Free phase oil had impacted a 1.1km section of watercourse which is located less than 1Km upstream from a protected Area of Special Scientific Interest (ASSI). Extensive protection measures were installed to mitigate the risk to surface waters and prevent any further migration of contamination off site.  Ecologia are pleased to report that remedial works have been completed and the stream has returned to an acceptable level with vertebrate activity observed along the former impacted section of water course, a strong indicator that water quality has improved significantly. All works have been completed ahead of schedule and within the agreed budget and to the satisfaction of the client and environmental regulators.

Ecologia Environmental Solutions are a UK Spill accredited spillage response contractor and specialist environmental consultancy who can manage and respond to a variety of environmental incidents especially at short notice. Another example of “Experts on the Ground.”

Further details are available by contacting the Ecologia (Ireland) office on 028 94 467132.