Matteo Donati

Managing Director - Italian Subsidiary

Matteo graduated from the University of Bologna, Italy with an Environmental Science Degree (UK equivalent – MSc) including spending one year at the University of California Santa Barbara, where he also worked as Teaching Assistant (TA) in the Geophysics Course in 2001.

For the following two years, he worked as a Soil Chemistry TA at the University of Bologna in Ravenna. In February 2003, he joined Ecologia Environmental Solutions in Kent initially as Environmental Consultant and progressed to project manager. Whilst working in the UK Matteo carried out included modelling for an environmental impact assessment following a major oil spill in the Isle of Man, supervised several site investigations and mapped contaminant migration following a major oil spill in Lancashire. Over the years Matteo developed his technical expertise by being involved in several in-situ remediation projects including dual-phase extraction, SVE, bioslurping, biopiling, pump and treat.

In 2006 Matteo moved back to Bologna (Italy) as the managing director of Ecologia’s Italian subsidiary. Over the past 10 years, Matteo has developed Ecologia Italy into a well established remediation company thanks to his dynamic approach and professional expertise he acquired during his work in the UK.  Matteo and his team have successfully carried out managed several site investigations and risk assessments, remediation design and in-situ remediation projects including ex-situ bioremediation, multi-phase extraction systems, in-situ enhanced reductive dechlorination, steam-enhanced contaminant extraction and chemical oxidation for several corporate clients.  Concurrent to his active technical role in several projects, Matteo is also heavily involved in developing new commercial opportunities working closely with the senior team of Ecologia in the UK.