Dr Bruno Erasin

BSc, PhD
Senior Project Manager/Consultant

Bruno is a graduate of the University of York. He gained a PhD in biochemical engineering at Cranfield University studying the effects of heavy metal and organics on anaerobic digestion processes.

In 1994 he joined IBS Viridian Ltd to develop new environmental technologies for wastewater treatment, land remediation and environmental products. From 1996 onwards he gained expertise in biological VOC abatement systems through development of the innovative and patented BIOVOX® process. He became responsible for the installation of full-scale BIOVOX® plants throughout the UK. From December 2001 to May 2003 he was technical partner at ABC Environmental Ltd, with the main responsibilities to further improvement of biological VOC abatement systems and development of an innovative biological effluent treatment processes.

Bruno joined Ecologia in June 2003 to provide assistance in process engineering and consultancy and develop expertise in the technical implementation of a large range of remedial technologies including multi-phase extraction, SVE, bioslurping, ozone sparging, oxygen release compound applications, pump and treat and steam-enhanced contaminant extraction for DNAPL. Bruno has also contributed to develop the ECOVAC system, which is Ecologia’s answer to rapidly deal with some types of domestic heating oil spills. He also contributed to Ecologia’s advancement in the implementation of ambient and soil vapour monitoring methodologies for the verification of remedial works.

Bruno has also developed expertise in dealing with microbial contamination incidents caused by raw sewage spills, flooding, spread of infectious diseases (E. coli O157) and proliferation of fungal/mould growth.  This line of work required initial monitoring and assessment, development of decontamination/disinfection methodologies and monitoring/certification of successful clean-up and close liaison with local Environmental Health Officers and UK Health Protection Agency.