We are always looking to augment/strengthen Ecologia’s in-house team by engaging the support of a network of associates. We want to use these trusted associates to complement the skills and experience of our in-house team. This structure will ensure we can remain objective in the resourcing needs and requirements for each commission and build tailored teams as necessary.

Whilst not unique in the SME world this model ensures greater access to, and engagement of, senior personnel and provides a flexible and more responsive approach to resourcing. The other advantage is that we can keep our cost base low whilst continuing to demonstrate value for money to our clients. Ultimately we would like our associates to develop and grow as we do and for them to become fully conversant with our work culture and ethics and be loyal to Ecologia and our clients. We want to build our network to include the most acknowledged experts in their particular fields and are only looking to work with associates with whom we have an established relationship.   Should you wish to discuss the possibility of becoming an Ecologia Associate please don’t hesitate to contact recruitment@ecologia-environmental.com

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