When it comes to providing effective ground investigation and contaminated site remediation solutions, Ecologia has expertise designing and implementing a wide range of innovative, efficient technologies either as a single or multi technology approach.

We also have accumulated  extensive experience and a track record of site remediation where traditional excavation, sorting, ex-situ treatment and/or off-site disposal is combined with our most innovative treatment  technologies in order to  provide the  most  sustainable remediation  solution including groundwater remediation.

As a smart remediation contractor and solutions provider Ecologia knows there is no “silver bullet” when approaching contamination.

These techniques have been proven at full commercial scale on a number of sites and geologies both in the UK and across Europe.

We continue to actively develop and improve the remedial solutions we offer partnering with research institute and technology providers to drive advances with the contaminated land sector. If you are looking to partner with Ecologia, please link to our innovation page.

What we do:
Design our site remediation systems on a site-specific basis
Undertake and fully interpret field trials ahead of large projects
Offer fixed price remediation schemes based on agreed timescales and targets
Include elements of enabling works within the remediation programme.
Design and assemble fully containerised treatment units for long term contaminated land and groundwater remediation.

What this means to you:
Optimum solutions appropriate to individual cases
Assurance that the solution offered is as time and cost effective as possible
Total health and safety and quality assurance
Time and cost savings made by integrating enabling and remediation works within the same  programme
The best plant and machinery to meet your requirements

Leigh Anne Cammack - Ecologia

Leigh Anne Cammack

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