We believe that coupling cutting edge science with being at the forefront of developing innovation is a key distinguisher in our field and adds commercial value to our clients. This blend of science and engineering is an important differentiator when assessing liability and thereby saves money for our clients. This philosophy is epitomised by our own engineering facility where we design, optimise and engineer remediation equipment.

To support this we employ qualified scientists, working in our in-house laboratory facility to undertake a dedicated programme of R&D.

Of interest was the R&D collaboration with the German research institute UFZ to develop In-situ Radio Frequency Heating (ISRFH) technology combined with Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE) to remove volatile and semi-volatile organic contaminants from soil. Following a period of two year development the technology was demonstrated in a trial sponsored by Total UK and published by CL:AIRE in Technology Development Bulletin 28. Combining these technologies; increase the removal rate of volatile and semi-volatile contaminants; improve the final soil contaminant concentrations; and reduce treatment times without excessive energy costs.

Since this initial trial, ISRFH has been successfully applied commercially at three locations in the UK and Europe.

Overall our dedication to R&D such as this has allowed us to actively develop faster, more efficient remediation methods, enabling us to meet our clients’ needs in the most sustainable and economic way.

By removing and managing the complexities and liabilities associated with historic contamination, we leave our clients free to focus on the future of their business.

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