How We Deliver

Our experience spans a multitude of sites and land uses.
We aim to:

  • Listen to our clients and understand their drivers
  • Identify the root causes
  • Work out a robust and costed business case
  • Develop an achievable strategy
  • Deliver and validate the solution

When you are faced with the need to deal with an environmental incident it’s good to know that a prompt response from Ecologia will manage the situation, limit damage and co-ordinate the clean-up process. In these events compliance with legislation is essential to a satisfactory outcome. As a UK Spill accredited response provider, our technical and legislative expertise will prove invaluable in delivering a rapid solution acceptable to all concerned.

We implement site investigations that accurately characterise site constraints. Our expert team combine their local knowledge with practical and innovative investigation, diagnostics and characterisation techniques to accurately and rapidly profile sites. This means we can quickly identify and quantify risk and devise robust remediation strategies, keeping costs down and timescales short.

We offer the full breadth of innovative and established remediation technologies available to design and implement on-site and in-situ remediation solutions. We believe in taking a design led approach, blending science and engineering to remove and manage the complexities and liabilities associated with historic contamination.

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