Elena Rovesti

BSc (Hons) MSc MIEnvSc CEnv
Senior Project Manager

Elena graduated from the University Of Parma, Italy in 2003 with an Environmental Science first class honours degree focused on contaminated land (UK equivalent – BSc (Hons) MSc). Elena’s final thesis concerned contaminated land and groundwater Risk Assessment. This work involved testing and evaluating the new Emilia Romagna Region site prioritisation ranking system “A.R.G.I.A.” at the Centro Ricerche Ambientali Montecatini (Marina di Ravenna, Italy).

As part of her studies, Elena spent one year in Spain with an Erasmus scholarship studying Environmental Science at the Universitat Autonoma of Barcelona.  She also participated at the IPS program “Contaminated Soils” organised by the Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture of Lille (France) which took place in Estonia in May 2002.

After her degree Elena was employed by the City Council of Montechiarugolo (Parma, Italy) for the evaluation of vulnerability of Arianazzo River connected with the presence of a Wastewater treatment plant in that area.

Elena joined Ecologia in May 2004 and has now over nine years experience in environmental consulting with expertise in Contaminated Site Assessment (Soil & Groundwater Characterisation), Risk Assessment and Remediation, in particular in the application of in-situ remedial technologies.

During her career, she has been based both in the UK and in Italy. Elena worked for a year in the AECOM office in Milan (Italy) as a Project Leader until March 2010 before rejoining Ecologia in the UK in May 2010.

Elena is currently working as Project Manager in contaminated land. This involves financial accountability for a number of remedial projects, both small and large scale. Her main activities include walkovers, liaison with stakeholders, control and coordination of resources and personnel, preparation of technical reports, closure and post project review, as well as monitoring/supervising, Human Health, Environmental and Ecological Risk Assessment, data elaboration and CAD drawings. In line with her multidisciplinary profile, Elena is in the process of completing her BOHS P402 “Buildings Surveys and Bulk Sampling for Asbestos” qualification.

Elena is familiar with a number of soil and/or groundwater remediation techniques, including Free Phase Recovery, Multiphase Extraction (MPE), Soil Vapour Extraction (SVE), Pump and Treat, Air Sparging, Bioventing, Chemical Oxidation, Ozone Injection, Steam Injection to enhance SVE and Ex-Situ Bioremediation.

Projects Elena has managed include remediation with Ex-Situ Bioremediation of a former gas works in Northern Italy, consultancy and remediation projects involving smaller domestic properties subsequent to impact from kerosene heating oil leaks and a number of Phase I and Phase II for brownfield redevelopment.